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About Us

PT. Proteksi  Usaha  Indonesia,  is a joint venture between PT. Cikarang Inland Port  dan Ascent Solutions Pte Ltd. PT. Cikarang Inland Port manages and operates Cikarang Dry Port, an integrated port and logistics facilities in Cikarang Indonesia. Ascent Solutions is a Singapore-based IoT company that specializes in cargo security and track & trace for smart logistics. Both companies had more than 8 years experience in developing smart logistics solution in Cikarang Dry Port for terminal operations and its bonded logistics center.

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Cargo Tracking

  • Providing safety and security for cargos, trucks and driver

  • Providing more value in services for customers of logistics services

  • Providing data to improve fleet operation and time management

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Vehicle Tracking

  • Automatic theft or unauthorized uses notification

  • Reducing administrative and paper works hassle

  • Optimizing vehicle assets utilization